G-U Hardware and Fittings

The G-U fittings are ideal for PVC and aluminum windows and doors. We use the products of the manufacturer called Uni-Jet and Euro-Jet, thus achieving a very good quality-price ratio.

Fewer components, low storage costs, faster assembly



◙ Hardware for the facade
◙ Tilt&Turn hardware
◙ Tilt&Slide hardware
◙ Parallel-Slide hardware
◙ Fold&Slide hardware
◙ Lift&Slide hardware
◙ Horizontal Pivot hardware
◙ Vertical Pivot hardware
◙ Turn handles
◙ Fanlight opening systems
◙ Manual ventilation systems
◙ Thresholds



◙ Mortise Locks
◙ Multi-point locks
◙ Locking systems
◙ Door hardware
◙ Electric door strikes
◙ Emergency door system solutions

Technical description

  • UNI-JET locking mechanisms

    UNI-JET mechanisms are mounted in the gasket and are actioned by a handle. All locking mechanisms are made for a standard channel of 16.3 mm width and 2.5 mm depth – can be used univer­sally for all window shapes and all PVC, timber and aluminium win­dows with a 16 mm groove.

  • One solu­tion fits all – the cen­tral locking system principle

    With the cen­tral locking system, the GU group supplies a hard­ware system which can be used univer­sally for all window shapes, whe­ther for PVC, timber or aluminium win­dows with a 16 mm sash groove: from Tilt&Turn win­dows to Horizontal-Pivot and Vertical-Pivot win­dows through to Tilt&Slide and Fold&Slide balcony-doors. Special shapes, such as round-arched, basket-arched and pointed-arched win­dows are pos­sible using a small number of addi­tional compon­ents.

  • Func­tional accu­racy with very high sash weights

    Due to a cut­ting-edge design and a newly shaped cam seg­ment, the Tilt&Slide hard­ware gua­ran­tees func­tional accu­racy and run­ning smooth­ness even with very high sash weights. Special shapes, such as round-arched, basket-arched and pointed-arched win­dows are pos­sible using a small number of addi­tional compon­ents.

  • Inte­g­rated secu­rity bene­fits

    In addi­tion to ope­ning and clo­sing con­ve­ni­ently, window hard­ware is also required to satisfy ano­ther important crite­rion – bur­glar resi­s­tance. The design of the cen­tral locking system is always the same irre­spec­tive of the secu­rity stan­dard – from basic secu­rity through to the tested bur­glary resi­s­tance classes RC1 and RC2. The con­figu­ra­tion of bur­glar resi­s­tance classes is determined most import­antly by the selec­tion of different strikers.


G-U fitting systems allow windows and doors to be opened as follows:





Safety and security

Because most house burglaries occur by forced opening of the windows or the doors, it is very important to provide each window or door with individual protection mechanisms against burglary with special closing systems and safety components to achieve a personal protection against burglary.
The GU hardware and fitting systems can pass all resistance tests – from resistance class 1 to resistance class 3.

Protection against forced intrusion attempts, such as kicking, pushing up and pulling out (especially vandalism). A protection against the use of simple levers is also included.

The window protection is designed to prevent the situations where the burglar tries to force the opening of the lock or the window using simple tools such as a screwdriver.

Additional protection for very easy accessible windows.